The 30th Anniversary of the KRAKDENT® Fair


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the KRAKDENT® Fair, we would like to thank all our Exhibitors, Guests, and Partners for many years of exceptional cooperation. Thank you for the moments spent together and continuous work on the development of the fair.

We would like to thank the companies that have been with us from the very beginning and who will once again be able to meet at our fair. Poldent, Hol-Dental Depot, Stomed, Megadenta, and Magazyn Stomatologiczny - thank you that together, for the 30th time, we can create a place for meetings, exchange of experiences, and presentation of the latest dental solutions. We are very pleased that we still have the opportunity to work together to organize the largest dental fair in Poland, constantly responding to the needs of the industry.

The 30th edition of the KRAKDENT® Fair is a perfect opportunity to go back in time, get immersed in the event's history, and reflect on past editions.

The first International Dental Trade Fair in Krakow took place in 1993 under the name DENTAMED. The fair received the name KRAKDENT® four years later, in 1997. In the years 1993 - 1997, Sławomir Gąsiorowski was responsible for the event. In 1998, Beata Simon took over the position of the fair's Project Manager.

The KRAKDENT® Fair has been associated with Krakow since the first edition, which took place in the exhibition pavilions at Nowohucka 41 Street. In 1996, the fair was moved for one edition to the hall of the Physical Education Center of the AGH University of Science and Technology and the Jagiellonian University at Piastowska 26 Street. The next three editions of the KRAKDENT® Fair took place in the hall located at Rakowicka 29 Street. In the years 2000 - 2005, the event changed its location again and took place at the exhibition area at Gabrieli Zapolskiej 38 Street. The next change of location of the event took place in 2006, from then on the event was held for 9 years located at Centralna 41A Street.

In 2015, the KRAKDENT® Fair was organized for the first time at EXPO Kraków at Galicyjska 9 Street. Moving the event to a modern, multi-functional, and comprehensive place provided the event with further development opportunities.

Each edition of the fair was an opportunity to develop an event gathering dentists, dental technicians, dental assistants, hygienists, representatives of manufacturers of the latest dental technologies, and other professionals related to the industry.

We can proudly announce that the 30th edition of the event is definitely not the last. There are many more moments together ahead of us!

The 30th edition of the fair is a time to recall past editions of the event. See what the KRAKDENT® Fair looked like in the past!