Shipping and storage

Shipping and storage

The official shipping company of KRAKDENT Fair is TRANSMEBLE INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o.o.

The company takes orders for:

- shipping,
- customs service,
- unloading,
- loading,
- packaging storage for duration of the Fair.

IMPORTANT! Please consult the date, time and other details of unloading your exhibits to avoid any delays.

Contact person:

Dominika Kubera
tel. kom. +48 504 461 044



Companies sending their materials to the stand by courier or postal services are obliged to collect these materials in person. Please, mark the company name that it is related to and the stand number at the Fair on the shipment. A representative of a given company needs to be present on the stand at the moment of arrival of the courier in order to collect the materials (TwK employees do not collect shipments).